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Where “investing” means fulfilling a purpose beyond yourself 

and growth strategies are for businesses and people

Our mission is to grow great businesses, creating thriving ecosystems that build community legacy.  

Yes, Crown Capital Investments is a direct investment platform, and yes, we strategically source, diligently vet, acquire, and optimize businesses, but we don’t just buy companies. Our purpose is beyond investing.

Crown Capital’s commitment endures beyond the transaction. 

The work continues long after the close. Once the transaction is done, we provide the active support and resources needed to increase value, facilitate growth, and create rich, fulfilling opportunities for people and businesses within the Crown Capital community. 


Through long-term collaborative partnerships, we take businesses with great potential from surviving to thriving, helping them reach their full potential using a proven, results-based approach. 



"2020 was a year of expansion and growth. We delivered strong results for our investors as our portfolio proved resilient and adaptable, despite complex challenges. In 2021, CCI is poised to maintain its momentum and accelerate growth for our investors and portfolio of businesses." 


- Chris Graham, Crown Capital Investments Founder

Investment Approach


Our proven approach empowers the investor and the operating company to optimize outcomes for both. 

Crown Capital is an ideal environment for operating companies and investors that are committed to the heart and health of our community.  We build relationships with aligned goals and a drive for results in trust and transparency. Bound by reliability and accountability, we are vested in collective success. 

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  • 12+ years of operational history with well-tenured management teams

  • Management buy-out with proven operators looking to stay on board

  • Sustainable competitive advantage

  • Stable revenues and EBITDA between $2M and $5M with net margins of 10% or greater

  • Industries that favor macroeconomic trends such as industrials, infrastructure, value-added distribution, and specialty manufacturing

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