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Creating purpose beyond ourselves through a culture
of active teaching and learning

We’re committed to the learning exchange in our community.

We believe in providing learning opportunities in the investment world for people who are early in their career. Just like with our operating companies, we set high expectations of growth and impact, and provide the resources to achieve it.

-Former Crown Capital Intern


“The work I did during my internship actually created value for the company, which enhanced my own value as an individual. The Crown Capital team was the biggest proponent of my learning, plus taking away experience I could apply. They truly cared about that.”

“I have had five internships- two with Fortune 100 companies, one with a small to mid-market sized company, and two with startups.. And while they may have looked great on my resume, truthfully, I was never terribly satisfied with how much I was able to take away from the experience. 


With the large companies, they took more of a teaching approach. It was almost like taking a very basic class in school and didn’t involve much doing. They invested a lot of time and energy into teaching us concepts, but we rarely had the opportunity to do any work. 


At the smaller companies, there was more opportunity to do work, but often the work was more trivial. The smaller companies often have work they could give you, but have neither the time nor resources to teach you and help you learn how to do the work.


Then came my experience with Crown Capital Investments, and I unequivocally have never learned more. I would venture to say that I have learned more through this internship than all my previous internships combined. Crown Capital does an incredible job of giving their interns real work to do, and I am a firm believer that there is no faster way to learn than through working experience. The work they gave me as an intern wasn’t busywork, it was meaningful work that they depended on me to get done. The team urged me to ask any questions and always seek clarification and made me feel extremely comfortable in doing so. 


As far as Chris Graham, the founder of Crown Capital, there very few people I have met who are as smart as he is. He spent a great deal of time sitting down and teaching me, walking me through concepts, answering all my questions, and essentially sharing with me as much information as I could soak up. He definitely isn’t some far-off CEO that sits in his corner office all day that you hardly ever see or speak to. He is extremely hands-on, makes himself available, and is ready to jump in and help whenever you need something.”

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