CCI acts as an Opportunity Bridge between Family Offices and Operating Businesses. For Family Offices, CCI sources projects and provides due diligence, strategic planning, monitoring and management of each investment. For Operating Businesses, CCI provides access to capital and a proven consultative methodology to optimize operations and add enterprise value. 




12+ years of operational history in each project provides data to appropriately evaluate each opportunity
$2 Million to $5 Million EBITDA companies with institutionalized management but too small to attract fund "up bidding"
Responsive to CCI optimization platform
Funding recapitalization, e.g., management buy-in on redemption of retiring owner
Well "moated" positions in products and customer base


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Crown Data Jewels are quick data bytes that have been well received by our investors and will give you some insight into our approach within the Crown Capital Investments platform.

Many have requested further details on a variety of data we have presented over the years in the midst of an in- person white board session. While our discussions and strategy sessions often require in- person meetings, it's difficult to maintain a consistent communication with our network regarding our current thinking insights.

In response to those requests and to create better connectedness, we have created these video sessions. The videos walk through data we find informative, relevant, or interesting. Click the video icon above to go to our Vimeo Channel or visit the Crown Data Jewels tab at the top of our website to see all of our videos! For all data presented, please feel free to email for supporting reference materials.