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Creating lasting impact through long-term collaborative partnerships 

We partner with businesses that are passionate about unleashing human
potential, improving culture, and evolving from surviving to thriving. 

By challenging operating companies to rise to the occasion, setting high expectations for success,

and providing the roadmap and resources to get there, our businesses are able to reach their full potential.

Exceptional leadership and a fulfilled workforce that’s supported from the bottom up, versus handed 
top-down mandates, creates strong companies. Strong companies provide local opportunities and support thriving communities, and thriving communities facilitate progress for everyone.


Through the Crown Capital philosophy, all boats rise.

"When we decided to sell the company, there were meetings with a dozen different buyers. It was only when we met Crown Capital that we felt like we were talking to an honest company that would give us a fair shake. Chris and his team laid out their plans and were very direct. When we talked to company presidents of businesses bought by CCI, everything aligned. Chris is able to talk to anybody, and that interaction was critical to our founder and to me. We wanted our employees to be taken care of because they’re like family. Together with the Crown Capital team, we have transformed our company, our culture, and our business. Our people are empowered and aligned now in their thinking. Chris grows leaders. He is very motivational; he keeps you going and provides tools for leadership growth."

- Rick Diggs, Operating Company President




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